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There are few words in the english language as frightening as Cancer. While successful treatment rates continue to improve, and in the case of cervical  cancer, the HPV vaccine will prevent the disease. Cancer still carries a huge death toll and of course fear factor, but as well as this, the available treatments are themselves unpleasant and debilitating.

Cancer and massage

It used to be the conventional wisdom that cancer patients couldn't receive massage treatments due to the risks that somehow massage would  cause the disease to metastasise (spread). We now know that this is not the case. Therapists trained to do so can provide oncology massage to cancer patients that will be of help to them. Certainly the techniques used on a cancer patient will be dramatically different than on a standard sports massage client, but the gentle use of appropriate strokes are greatly beneficial to those undergoing the debilitating treatments for cancer. 


Massage will not cure cancer.

What it will do is help to make the treatments more bearable.



During an initial history we will need to know more about your cancer and what treatment plan you are going through, and there may be times when appointments have to be rescheduled at short notice for different reasons, but when you are going through this difficult,  frightening and life changing journey gentle massage can be a quiet time of reflection and calm.

HPV Vaccine 

Just going back to this briefly, this vaccine is hugely important,  for the first time ever, we have a chance to eradicate a form of cancer, please do not waste this opportunity.  Get your girl children vaccinated and when it's rolled out for boys, get them vaccinated as well. Let's kick this cancer out for good. 

Skin Cancer

According to the national cancer registery (NCRI), the incidense of skin cancer specifically Melanoma is on the increase, especially in the male population. the following is an extract from their website.


“The latest reporton skin cancer published by the Registry today shows that almost 11,000 new cases are diagnosed per year in Ireland, of which just under 1,000 are malignant melanoma. Currently the incidence of non-melanoma skin cancer (“NMSC”- the much more common, and usually regarded as the less serious form of skin cancer) is 46% higher in men than in women, while the incidence of melanoma is similar between the sexes with approximately 20 cases diagnosed per 100,000 persons per year. However, the incidence of melanoma is increasing, particularly in men, and analysis shows that male incidence rates have increased by just over 5% per year since 1994. Although female incidence rates have also increased over time, they have done so at a lower rate (2.7% per year). Incidence rates of NMSC have also increased substantially since the 1990's. Male melanoma patients tended to be diagnosed at a later stage than females and for both sexes, elderly patients were more likely to have larger and later stage tumours. 

Mortality from melanoma is also on the increase and currently approximately 160 deaths occur from melanoma each year, up from under 60 deaths per year in the mid-1990s and from less than 20 deaths per year during the 1950s. Since 1994, mortality rates for melanoma have increased by 2.3% per year in females and 4.7% per year in males. Comparatively few deaths (n=70) are attributed to NMSC each year and this is reflected in the five year survival rate for NMSC which has been close to 100% since the 1990's. Survival from melanoma has increased since the 1990's which may be a result of improvements in treatment for late stage tumours as well as more patients presenting with earlier stage disease. 

If you have any concerns about cancer or need any other information, please see the Irish Cancer Society or the Irish Skin Foundation. The recently published National Cancer Strategy 2017-2026 outlines the Department of Health’s plans for cancer prevention and control and prioritises the development of a national skin cancer prevention plan targeting children, outdoor workers, sunbed users and those who pursue outdoor leisure activities.”


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