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Fifa11+ (part two)

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This is part two of our coverage of the FIFA 11 plus programme for ACL strength and injury  prevention.  In the first part we covered the running exercises this time we will cover the  strength, biometrics and balancing exercises and further running exercises.

Strength plyometrics and balance, all exercises have three levels of increasing difficulty, players should begin with level 1, only when an exercise can be performed without difficulty for the specified duration and number of repetitions should the player progress to the next level. The exercises in this section are:

  • The bench,
  • The sideways bench,
  • Hamstrings exercises,
  • Single leg stance exercises,
  • Squats
  • Jumping.

Exercise one, the bench static:

Starting position lie on your front, support your upper body with your forearms, elbows directly under your shoulders. 

Exercise lift up your upper body, pelvis and legs until your body is in a straight line from head to toe pull in stomach, gluteal muscles and hold the position for 20 to 30 seconds, do three sets.

Important note do not sway or arch your back do not move your buttocks upwards

Increasing difficulty one, alternate legs and after that two one leg lift and hold.


Exercise two,  the sideways bench static,

Starting position lie on your side with the knee of your lower-most leg bent to 90°,  support yourself on your forearm and lower-most leg, elbow of supporting arm directly under your shoulder.

Exercise, left pelvis and uppermost leg until they form a straight line with your shoulder and hold the position for 20 to 30 seconds repeat on other side, three sets. 

Increasing difficulty raise and lower hip and for increased difficulty perform with  leg lift


Exercise three,hamstring exercises,

Beginner level, starting position Kneel with knees hip-width apart, partner pins  your ankles firmly to the ground with both hands,

Exercise slowly lean forward while keeping your body straight from the head to the knees when you can no longer hold the position gently lower your  weight on your hands falling into a press-up position, 3 to 5 repetitions.

Important note do exercise slowly at first but speed up once you feel more comfortable.

Increased difficulty intermediate and then advanced level.


Exercise Three Single leg stance (hold the ball)

Starting position stand on one leg, knee and hips slightly bent, hold ball in both hands.

Exercise hold balance and keep body weight on the ball of your foot hold for 30 seconds and repeat exercise on the other leg. Exercise can be made more difficult by lifting the heel from the ground slightly or by passing the ball around your waist and or under your other knee, two sets on each leg.

Important note do not let your knee buckle inwards. Keep your pelvis horizontal and don’t let it dip to the side.

increase difficulty by throwing ball with your partner or further increase difficulty by testing your partner.


Exercise four: Squats (with toe raise).

Starting position stand with feet hip width apart, hands on your hips.

exercise slowly bend hips knees and ankles until your knees are flexed to 90 degrees lean upper body forward, straighten upper body hips and knees and stand up on your toes. Slowly lower down again and straighten up slightly more quickly. Repeat for 30 seconds, two sets,

Important not do not let your knees buckle inwards. Lean upper body forwards with a straight back.

Increased difficulty walking lunges and leg squats.


Exercise five: Jumping (vertical jump)

starting position stand with your feet hip width apart hands on your hips.

Exercise slowly bend hips knees and ankles until your knees are flexed to 90 degrees lean upper body forward, hold this position for one second then jump as high as you can and straighten whole body land softly on the balls of your feet repeat for 30 seconds 2 sets.

Important note jump off both feet landing on the balls of both feet with your knees bent

Progressions lateral jumps and box jumps.


The third and final part of the Fifa 11+ training and warm up is as follows:

Running exercises

Part 1: Running across the pitch run approximately 40 meters across the pitch and 75 to 80% of maximum speed Than jog the rest of the way, keep your upper body straight  your hip, knee and  foot are aligned, do not let your knees Buckle inwards jog easily back, 2 sets.

Part 2:  Running and bounding,  take a few warm up steps then take 6 to 8 high bounding steps with a high knee lift and the jog the rest of the way. Lift the knee of the leading leg as high as possible and swing the opposite arm across the body to keep your upper body straight. Land on the ball of the foot with the knee bent and spring. Do not let the knee buckle inwards, jog back easily to recover. Two sets.

Final part is running plant and cut,  jog 4 to 5 steps straight ahead then plant on the right leg and cut to change directions to the left and Accelerate again. Sprint 5 to 7 steps at 80% 90% of maximum pace before you deceleration and plant on the left foot and cut it to change direction to the right. DO not let the knee buckle inwards repeat the exercise until you reach the other side pitch and then jog back. Do two sets.

The key point of the programme is to use proper technique during all the exercises, play full attention to good posture, good body control including straight leg alignment knee over toe position and soft landings.


fifa11field setup.png

Cone positions for parts 1 and 3.


A poster showing all the exercises can be downloaded from the link below:


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In our next article we will discuss the achilles tendon and Achilles Tendonopathy.


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